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used for a normal/bloke-ish kind of boy. orringinates from guy fawks
"that guy is boring"
Beküldő: D'arcy-Starr McIntosh 2005. augusztus 2.
1030 286
1 who has a sexual thought every ten seconds.
Beküldő: surfie_girl 2003. szeptember 23.
1019 308
1 who says that he will call you and then never does, but makes up an excuse for why he didn't.
I was soo excited to be with this guy last night.
Beküldő: angry jessica 2004. november 24.
657 189
Rulers Of The World. The Male Population. The Bosses Of Society. Every Man Is The Best Dont Ever Doubt That, Us Guys ARe The World on its own.
No One Would Be Alive If It Wasnt For The Male Population. Us Guys Are The World
Beküldő: Johnny MackMan 2006. december 9.
1060 680
ont, cdn - Used in the same sense as man, bloke, etc. Origins unclear, perhaps Quebecois.
Hey guy, you wanna go to the pub tonight and watch the hockey game.
Beküldő: clasher 2004. július 9.
591 283
One who has sexual thoughts every second.
She's hot. Think of what is in the pants.
Beküldő: Ben Mosbach 2005. augusztus 3.
573 389
the reason i wake up. i mean, they can be idiots just like girls can be bitches, but, come on, you gotta love the nice, cute ones.
i love guys and i hope one day i'll find one who doesn't think about sex every seven seconds.
Beküldő: girl369x 2008. február 2.
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