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A technique of inhaling marijuana where one's self puts a bong like object on their lips and pulls a fuse of tobacco and marijuana through a straight pipe and into a small amount of water in the bottom of the bong; The tobacco sets itself as a gauze and the marijuana is on top. The marijuana burns and then the tobacco flares. as this happens the user needs to toke harder as the marijuana and tobacco pulls through creating a gunnie flare. The user will then feel a slight to very large head rush soon followed by a intense stone. It's mean, trust the D.H.B.O.G. (Deputy head boy of gunnies.)
Everyone gets stoned off mongster, chundy, gunwah, gunnies.
#weed #bong #harder hit #stoned #blunt #joint #spliff #cone #bucky.
Beküldő: D.H.B.O.G 2012. január 28.
to vomit (generally alcohol related)
"look out, he's going for a gunnie"
#spew #vomit #blow chunks #be sick #throw up
Beküldő: ClareL 2006. szeptember 2.
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