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A dutch word for a litter of piglets.
Dikzak Flikker! Grice Kutding!! Kutzooi!
Beküldő: heyimonurbandic 2011. június 13.
A noob, that has all the charm and charisma of a bottle of small pox, known to hang around school playgrounds.

Beküldő: d3fy 2003. június 24.
These kid's intend to be the weakest and dumbest kid's in yardville or Hamilton.Most intend on being gay and the girls are a bunch of nasty hoes who dont take showers....Stay away from these humans they are known to rape
Those grice kid's sure as hell can't fight!
Beküldő: Unknown-(u want my name ask for it BITCH)- 2003. január 20.