A once kick ass punk band
They started out as "Sweet Children" Playing an infamous punk club called gillmans street
later touring the u.s. and making two albums before releasing a punk masterpiece: Dookie
This did attract a lot of younger people and the people of gillmans street labeled them sell outs

In response Green day released Insomniac

A bit like dookie except a bit harder and faster

Then after that i call the downfall
They released Nim rod: A weird experimentation of Green day's sound then they released Warning
A bit more "poppy"

Then they released the all terrible: American idiot which they are now known for
If you really apreciate green day

you would of liked their first four albums
1. 39/smooth

2. 1,039/smoothed out slappy hours (combination of first album and EP's
3. Dookie
4. Insomniac
Me: You have failed to recognize the true talent of green day
Beküldő: The open minded metal listener 2010. december 19.
A decent band that earned the nick-name 'sell-outs' because their latest album, American Idiot, was popular.
Bruce: Gawd, Green Day is just a sell-out band. They aren't as good as they used to be.

Wayne: Why, because their album did well, and they gained a bunch of new fans?

Bruce: Well, the fans are a bunch of tweens that never listened to their old albums.

Wayne: Wow. I didn't know you had to like EVERY album and EVERY song they made in the past to be a fan of their current work. Dipshit.
Beküldő: LadyHailey 2008. augusztus 27.
An amazingly great bad with educating and meaningful lyrics. Often associated with getting your Green Day hit everyday, often someone isn't truly with it/awake/living if they haven't had theire Green Day hit/fix.
Yo Dude, I haven't had my Green Day fix yet........Ah, thats better.
Beküldő: Roxy 2005. február 1.
one of the greatest bands ever. IF you morons understood American Idiot, you'd probably like it... its a rock opera people (see the Who's Quadraphenia), its a story... you cant make fun of a single because all of the songs are connected... christ.
purist 1- man green day sucks now because a lot of people like their music
me- groans and turns up Jesus of Suburbia
Beküldő: Demosthenes 2005. március 11.
A fantastically awesome band that has been around since 1988. They got started when Billie Joe Armstrong met Mike Pritchard (Mike Dirnt for you ignoramuses who obsess about how 'hotttt' Billie Joe is.), and voila! Sweet Children was born.

They've had a very long career that has produced 9 albums of phenomenal material. Beginning with 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, (which was a compilation of the EP'sSlappy,39/Smooth, and 1,000 Hours), and the most recent being American Idiot, frequently referred to as the sellout album.

It is a frequent mistake of prepubescent girls that the only member of the band is frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

Mike Dirnt plays bass in Green Day.

Tre Cool is the drummer of Green Day.

Billie Joe Armstrong is not the only member in Green Day.

True fans listen to all the music by Green Day
Beküldő: plain old me 2006. július 13.
Green day are a punk rock band, originated in California, being going 1988 to present. Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are the members. Their roles are front man on guitar and vocals, bass player and back up vocals and drummer respectively.Their name used to be sweet children but they changed it.Albums include Nimrod, Dookie, Kerplunk, American idiot, international super 1039/smoothed out slappy hours.Many people believe that Green day became sell-outs after releasing American idiot. That is not true. Those people are the “old green day” fans, say that its now not cool to like them because lots of people in high school do, but that’s just sad and ignorant because some fans, like me, couldn’t even walk when Dookie(1994) was released.The 1st song I heard was American idiot, I am ashamed to say that was on MTV, but it wasn’t my TV thank god.I thought wow this is a great song, so I downloaded the album and did a bit of research on the band. I downloaded their old stuff to, and its all equally awesome. I am unable to find a reason why that makes me a poser, but all you lot that do, please keep your ignorant comments to yourselves. Also, many people only like them because they see Billie Joe as “sooo hot init”, which is wrong, but I’m not denying that he’s very sexy, but he’s married with two kids! I listen for them for the music, but its totally ok to think Billie is hot. The lyrics are really meaningful, for example, in basket case.. do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once. This is a phase many go through, feeling depressed but wondering what about and whether its everything or nothing, and this songs shows it in a kick ass way.
Green day rock\m/
there is no need for an example, read the actual definiton
but here are a few green day's greatest ever songs:
Basket case
having a blast
wake me up when september ends
jesus of suburbia
Beküldő: tara05 2006. január 1.
1. a day wasted smoking pot. john kiffeysomething, the old drummer from the band green day came up with it and also wrote a song about it. comes from sesame street. the guys were fucked up, eating cereal and watching sesame street, big bird said green day, they thought it was funny.
2. a song by al sobrante (aka john kiffeysomething) appears on 1039/smoothed out slappy hours.
3. a band
dude, every day this week was a green day. thats like 20 days man!
"Pictures sounds
Of moving insects so surreal"
i saw green day play yesterday.
Beküldő: catherine 2005. március 4.
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