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Late night meeting with an older lady in the bar, being a little drunk, and having sex in the restroom making it a great night.

2 references to Golden - older lady and great night!
I met Kathy at mid night in Alibi after a couple of beers and the night became golden!
Beküldő: Seabasszim 2011. augusztus 24.
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A perfect amount of intoxication. Not too drunk, but not too sober. Just right.
Dude you've had way too much to drink!
What are you talking about? I'm golden!
Beküldő: Butters champagne 2011. június 12.
Complete, good to go, alright!
Once we get this test finished, we'll be golden.
Beküldő: Damn Proud to be an American 2003. március 22.
being at a state of drunkeness between tipsy and beyond f*ed up. Being at this state will allow you have the optimum level of awesomeness at the party.
*Two girls looking at another girl throwing up and almost passing out*

Girl 1- "Beth is way past being Golden."
Beküldő: Mylanya 2010. november 7.
being perfect, the best of the best.
I am golden at life.
Beküldő: goldenbitches 2009. december 3.
Adjective for a person who wears Magnum condoms.

Person has a large dick.
Hey girl, you know I'm Golden right?
Beküldő: Sir Golden 2011. február 2.
when something on your body is huge or ginormous.
Dude my cock is golden.
Beküldő: jack me hoff please baby 2010. február 6.

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