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Breast milk from a feeble old woman that hasn't stopped pumping milk from her titties since she gave birth over a century ago.
Damnit! When I was at grandma's house last weekend I reached in her fridge and accidentally drank her goat milk.
Beküldő: Sicko42 2009. december 15.
The name tells, goat's milk.
I love this stuff!!
Beküldő: Whale Watcher 2003. június 5.
Pure deliciousness!
Goat Milk See: Milked and Goated

I was milkin some serious goats yesterday!
Beküldő: TheMilkerOfGoats 2011. június 24.
Supreme Admin and Stud of all Studs , see Chic Magnet.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 1.
Some crap that comes out of a goat's udder. see also "shit"
Goatmilk tastes like shit!
Beküldő: CptTrips 2003. március 1.