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Pubic region of a female
Check out the goat head on that chick.
Beküldő: Ken Romain 2003. július 31.
The seat behind the driver in a car is known as 'goathead'.
John called shotgun, Josh called roostertail right, so Charles was left with goathead.
Beküldő: Aaron 2005. január 26.
Another way of saying go ahead or you're turn
don't call me a goat head
#goat head #slang #go ahead #go #you're turn
Beküldő: rapsucks1738 2006. december 14.
An eccentric person who rides/talks about/thinks about nothing but bicycles and has a long goatee.
Damn Goat Heads were everywhere downtown today.
#cyclist #weirdo #hippy #roadster #bicycle rider
Beküldő: Vinja Gosan 2011. január 12.
Noun; Adjective; Verb
1. A term referring to a person who ditches his or her friends with little or no notice.
2. A person who will frequently ditch his or her friends for a significant other, or simply just for a member of the opposite sex.
3. As a verb, it is a term used to desribe the action of being blown off, stood up, or ditched.

Vaughn is such a Goathead! he said we were going to hang out tonight, but when I call him he won't pick up his phone!

Vaughn Goatheaded me for a fifteen year old girl! What a creep, and what a jerk!
#ditch #stood up #blown off #goat head #goat headed
Beküldő: mother vicious 2006. október 9.
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