another form of word meaning something huge or large in size
*guy looks over toilet stoll* wow ! that's a ginormous load of crap u got there !
Beküldő: m0nkie 2003. december 4.
Enormous female genitalia (sometimes swollen due to overuse or infectious inflamation)
I wouldn't go near that cheap hooker if i were you man, that skank has the ginormous going on big time.

You can tell by the way she walks she's ginormous.
Beküldő: JSC 2005. április 12.
very big. like bigger than big.
whoa. this city is ginormous
Beküldő: sarah 2005. február 22.
(adj.) 1. Very large
"Laura's brain is the opposite of ginormous; it is microscopic
Beküldő: Katie 2003. július 29.
Bigger than enormous but not quite hugantic.
The decorated general had a ginormous heart o' gold.

John Ursal is a ginormous socialist.
Beküldő: Lukey 2003. május 22.
The combination of gigantic AND enormous
"Yo dog that bitch is GINORMOUS!"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. május 4.
Really large; both gigantic and enormous but smaller than gimongous
Fear Factor is a ginormous flop.
Beküldő: Val 2001. november 4.
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