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Bigger than gigantic or enormous. A combination of the two words used to express a mass amount of something or it's sheer size.
Look at those ginormous tities!!


What a ginormous ass-clown!
Beküldő: burnt flower 2007. június 12.
Hey guys anyboy that thinks they invented the word ginormous in the 2000's is full of it. I wont give away any year as everybody will try to out do each other, but I have proof of it being used long before any of these entries. I don't care if it is spelled GIA or GIN ormous.
That mole hill is ginormous
Beküldő: SunyDay 2006. augusztus 17.
idunno, i jus thought it was big
suzy's little penis is the opposite of ginormous
Beküldő: amanda 2004. március 10.
very big, humongus, monstrous etc.
That guy is ginormous!
Beküldő: DeAth 2003. október 19.
Larger than enormous. Uniquely oversized.
That's not going to fit in my mouth! Its Ginormous
Beküldő: Sober Princess 2009. október 22.
A combination of gigantic and enormous. Mostly referring to things that are 50 ft or taller.
The Statue of Liberty is ginormous!
Beküldő: acedancer 2009. május 10.
It's Fuckin' Huge!!!!!!!!!
That is a Ginormous Penis!!!
Beküldő: sg1maniac 2008. február 28.