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Best gamer in the world.
GODLIKE to all that is in the world.
Beküldő: Dude 2004. július 9.
To be an eternal virgin with no possible chance to get laid even if he pays for it.
Wow, that is sad... He is all godjoey and will never ever know the touch of a woman.
Beküldő: The Truth-Sayer 2004. október 26.
Pathetic little man trying desperately to gain some sort of fame because his real life is very very sad.
People into beastiality who post their pictures online have a godjoey complex.
Beküldő: The Truth-Sayer 2004. október 26.
To be completely and utterly pathetic.
Dude, don't be a godjoey.
Beküldő: The Truth-Sayer 2004. október 26.
canine excrement or having to do with canine excrement
"I must take my dog to a vet; he has had incredibly runny godjoey lately."
Beküldő: THX Shadow 2004. október 26.
THE OWNER in gaming and leader of
He is a GOD among mortal men in this world.
Beküldő: Omega 2004. július 9.
1.(n) an individual devoid of any real life, and resorts to boosting their ego by use of the following:
a. cheating to make themselves appear skilled.
b. using alternative names and aliases to give self praise in online gaming communities.
c. just a plain a-hole when it comes to the spirit of gaming.
d. taking pride in having their name recognized in any way, shape or form, possitive or negative.
3. (adj) describing an individual with an incurable condition of guatemala's revenge.
man, that loser GODJOEY is still online... there goes the internet.

GODJOEY: "I M Ub3R HAx0r! w0rsH1p m3! I mAri3d mY c0mpUt3r cuZ iTz t3H 0NlY 1 tHaT lUVs m3!"

dude, Mac ate some gnarly tacos yesterday, and his guatemala's revenge went GODJOEY. They don't think he's ever going to sit upright again.
Beküldő: Jwave 2005. január 17.
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