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Short for God Bless You.
Bob: I just crapped myself.
Billy: GBU.
Beküldő: mr. al 2006. szeptember 7.
104 19
G-Bu is an abbreviation for George W Bush, following J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) taking on a similar nickname.
Dang, I can't believe G-Bu is about to throw down with Saddam.
Beküldő: C-Rex 2006. augusztus 9.
11 4
George Burns Unit: a Unit of Time comprising 100 years, named for the actor and Vaudeville comic George Burns, who attained 1 'GBU'. Additional or lesser time can be represented as a fraction of 1 GBU.
"It's been just over 1 GBU since the Titanic sank."
Beküldő: AlexHCM 2013. április 27.
5 1
The smallest ass to run for vice president. Supports boyfriends that have mustangs and are obsessed with computers. Will fund art schools nationwide. Can be found alongside President nomination E-CO.
G-Bu for vice president! Haytonn says: Vote for E-Co.
Beküldő: Joober 2005. január 23.
2 9