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(Originally referred to the American film-rating system, in which "G" stands for "general admission".)

1. Appropriate for all ages, with no offensive content such as violence, drug use, profanity, or sex acts.

2. Sanitized or altered to remove offensive content.
1. Just because a movie is G-rated, that doesn't mean it's a kiddie show: ever see _The Sound of Music_?

2. I'd better tell you the G-rated version of what went on at the school dance; my mom is probably listening in!
#film #theater #movies #censorship #nonsexual #nonviolent #inoffensive
Beküldő: Ingeborg S. Nordén 2006. május 3.
In reference to fooling around but never fully 'rounding the bases'. Often used to validate otherwise off limits first date behavior as wholesome or clean behavior.
Then Steve said "But Katy, they're only hands...its strictly G Rated"
Beküldő: Ashley 2005. április 16.
To be very mad (or annoyed)
Person 1: My mom yelled at me yesterday..
Person 2: She was grated, huh?
#mad #angry #grated #furious #annoyed
Beküldő: JGMB 2010. október 3.
The after effect of smoking weed. It is almost like a weed hangover, the feeling of lazyness, dry mouth and just general lethargy.
Raaah, those zoots were so strong man, I'm grated
#weed hangover #cro over #hanging like a grater #buzz throat #marijuana mayday
Beküldő: South London Cro Smoker 2011. január 7.
Used when someone else has been insulted. Origin: comes from the fact that insults grate the insultee.
Twat 1: That's what your mum said!
Twat 2: Grated
Insultee: Grow up!
#burned #parred #boyd #boid #parr
Beküldő: DraganLal 2012. március 11.
to be utterly irritated by a machination of an original tongue or way of life in to a new, hybrid with a lack of identity.
I saw in an essay today somebody write hostel instead of hostile typically ignoring the original meaning which lead to a feeling of resentment which really grated me.
#grating #to grate #to grate somebody #annoy #fabrication
Beküldő: Birdy1985 2010. június 10.
When during the act of a blowjob the teeth act upon the phallus in a way similar to that of a cheese grater.
man, lindsay really grated the crap out of me, but when I asked her to use less teeth, she stormed out..
#blow job #sex #penis #phalus #booty call #hand tits
Beküldő: THEGRATEONE 2011. március 11.
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