Extremely hungry, originates from fucking hungry
Goddamn I'm fungry.
Beküldő: Jessica S. 2003. március 27.
Top Definition
When a person/persons is beyond feeling hungry but they are f**king hungry, like hungry to eat a horse hungry, like damnit I want to kill someone and no a snickers will not satisfy my hunger hungry.
Those poor children in Somolia, they look so FUNGRY.....

Last night I had the munchies but I just couldnt get enough food, I was so fungry..
#hungry #high #starving #munchies #fat
Beküldő: Tony Belowknee 2014. június 5.
Fuckin hungry
I'm so fungry
Beküldő: Kirkish 2003. szeptember 18.
Meaning to be Fucking Hungry; very hungry; hungry to the max; hunger plus 5.
Great! Now I'm Fungry because you want to eat nachos in my face.
#fungry #hungry #fucking #hunger #elliott
Beküldő: Elliott Cantler 2008. július 10.
The state of being extremely hungry. As popularised on CNNNN.
"I'm fungry"
Beküldő: bob 2002. november 2.
Fucking Hungry
Yo, are the burgers almost done? I'm fungry over here
#fucking #hungry #food #ha #lol
Beküldő: Carrera500 2009. január 30.
Short for "Fucking Hungry"

Related to Fugly.
Dude, I am so Fungry I could eat your house!!!
Beküldő: Corey Bennett 2005. február 25.
Fucking Hungry, used to describe an extreme hunger
Man, I haven't eaten all day! I'm so fungry I could eat a whole cow!
#fucking #hungry #hunger #fuckin' #fuggin'
Beküldő: Verai 2005. december 4.
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