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A baseball team that no one in the world outside of Fukuoka, Japan cares about.
Fukuoka is lame. The Yankees would taint punch you. Suck on that.
Beküldő: Mavericklax4 2007. március 27.
Home of the best baseball team in Japan! Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 0wn you all! ALL!
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks = 2003 Nippon Series Champions
Beküldő: KRHimself 2003. december 14.
City in southern Japan famous for Hakata ramen, outdoor food stalls, and a strong baseball team. Men in the region are traditionally considered to be conservative (Kyushu danji) and the women beautiful (hakata bijin).
I had some really great ramen at a yatai in Fukuoka!
Beküldő: higan.banaxo 2012. január 1.
A a sleep that is more than 12 hours.
That flight from London to Sydney was so long I'm so tired....I'm ready for a Fukuoka.
Beküldő: discoloo 2010. február 3.
To sleep for more than 12 hours.
I'm going for a Fukuoka.
Beküldő: seoulmate 2007. augusztus 28.