The act of giving up.
"Ah, fuggit."
Beküldő: babycakescookie 2008. december 23.
Top Definition
Alternate of "Fuck it" to be used when you don't wish to use fowl language, but still wish to express the same thing.
Aw Fuggit!
Beküldő: HUGSaLOT 2003. október 2.
Another word for "fuck-it".
When somebody says fuck it really fast it comes out like fuggit
*guns click*
Oh fuggit.
*guns fire*
Beküldő: Teh Dave 2003. július 13.
im not doin my homework....fuggit.
Beküldő: rizba 2011. december 17.
it doesn't matter.
Wait a minute Bob, you had sex with a calf? That's disgusting!
Fuggit, it waz perdy good. I'd do it agin.
Beküldő: Butcher's Pal 2009. augusztus 1.
combo of the word fuck and faggot used as a noun. derived from the retardation of a dyslexic child who couldnt get her insults correct and came up with fuggit as a mistake
dude1-"dude i hella got inna fight with my girl over toilet paper."
dude2-"...dude ur such a fuggit...."
Beküldő: killazilla 2007. november 4.
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