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Much like a brother from another mother, frother is an amalgamation of friend and brother.
"He ain't heavy man, he's my frother".
#brother #friend #buddy #mate #best friend #homey #zeppelin
Beküldő: Hamish Backhouse 2007. november 8.
Refers to the frothing of the mouth often comically representative of eagerness and desperation. It's used to describe an overly desperate or needy person (both male or female) in a dating situation.
A man and a woman hooked up once, exchanged numbers, and part ways. the woman calls or texts all the time, asking for a date or another hook up - constantly offering herself on a silver plate. She is a frother.
#needy #desperate #eager #clingy #obsessive
Beküldő: xmko 2008. szeptember 8.
A hybrid of a brother that also serves as a father figure or a father that also serves as a brother figure.
Person 1: You're father is so cool bro.

Person 2: He's not my father, he's my frother.
#brother #father #bromance #dad #bro
Beküldő: mudman007 2013. március 5.
Someone who is high on life.
"Those young frothers!"
#froth #frother #frothing #foamer #foam
Beküldő: Johannase 2008. november 8.
short for afro weather. it is a type of weather where no matter how much you straighten your hair the second you walk outside your hair turns into a afro. usually when it is humid outside.
Girl 1: i straightened my hair this morning and now its all puffed up like an afro!
Girl 2: yea i know, its the Fro-Ther.
#frother #afro #weather #hair #straight hair
Beküldő: crazynazipixie 2010. március 14.
Similar to a brother from another mother however, a Frother is considered to be a level higher, a friendship where the participants can now anticipate the others activities that they might aswell be a brother. Like blood brother but avoiding the transmittance of any blood borne disease.
"What is up my Frother!"

"If you don't get off my porch my Frother will kick your ass"

"I just Frothered Jeff"

Next seasons BBC Drama " Band of Frothers - Return of the Reich"
#brother #frother #buddy #jeff #roommate
Beküldő: Hamish Backhouse 2007. november 12.
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