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The state of not having something someone needs at a giving time.

The state of running out of something just as someone needs/wants it.
John: Hey, do you have any gum?
Matt: Sorry man, I'm fresh out.

People waiting in line wanting to buy concert tickets:
"Are there any tickets left?"
"Sorry guys, we're fresh out"
#no #don't have any #none left #out #empty
Beküldő: rjcs 2009. június 29.
A person recently released from prison. etym: fresh out the joint.
Joseph goes and hires a freshout, and then is somehow surprised when the man comes in smelling like a blunt, assaults a customer and then houses the till, all in his first week.
#parolee #ex-con #criminal #convict #thug #ne'er-do-well #fresh out #fresh-out #freshouts
Beküldő: MikeJoneswhoMikeJones 2012. március 19.
to relax; to chill out in a cool way, bobbing your head and soaking up all your coolness with a group of like-minded bobbly-headed friends
Man, just fresh out!
#fresh #chill #relax #cool #bobbing
Beküldő: phenoumenon 2014. június 11.
Was used by my old skater friend's after a skating spot was overly skated. This is can be used almost anywhere, where something is overly done.
" Man this spot is fresh out "

" Ah, im fresh out "
Beküldő: alex braczynski 2005. január 13.
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