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One of the romance languages, originating from the area that is currently the nation of France.
My French isn't very good, I only know the basic French terms like "I surrender".
Beküldő: livalarevolucion 2008. július 23.
36 94
a rude incompetent individual who is extremely overweight yet completely oblivious to the notion
Rene: can i have your muffin?
random hot bitch: hell no!
Rene: why not?
random hot bitch: cause your too french!!
Beküldő: TB BongMaster 2010. június 14.
7 75
Someone who helps you for a long period of time, only to have you spit in his face at the first disagreement.
"Man! I got totally Frenched by Tom; that bastard denied my promotion because I disagreed with the way he's handling the Tanaka project. And after all the evenings and weekends I worked for him!"
Beküldő: 2Lt OJV Deschênes 2007. május 31.
47 132
blow job; fancified euphemism for oral sex
For a hundred bucks you can get half straight and half french.

She frenches but she doesn't swallow.
Beküldő: Jean Luc 2005. január 3.
44 136
another way of saying "I give up" or "I forfeit"
This question is too hard, I French
Beküldő: mozes 2005. február 26.
758 853
According to the some of the "definitions" here, French means Oral Sex and Evil.
Person A: What's your nationality?
Person B: French-oh, I mean Oral Sex and Evil.
Beküldő: Harahjesus 2007. szeptember 25.
36 132
the act of taking acid, originated from a random french laugh picked up for a night
Damn those kids are mad french right now
were getting french tonight
Beküldő: dumbfuck18 2008. február 12.
9 106