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Being Single
I Am Forever Alone.
#single #heart broken #unattractive #alone #ugly
Beküldő: FOREVER ALONE 2011. január 16.
The relationship status of most people on Tumblr.
❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ FOREVER ALONE
#forever alone #tumblr #meme #hipster #relationship
Beküldő: MyDef 2010. augusztus 25.
an individual who will never have a boyfriend/girlfriend and will NEVER get married, most likely spend most of there time on the internet or making faces and or noises to themselves. this person will prob have one real friend and die with 32 cats.
omg shanaynay, shes soooo forever alone
#cats #dana #computer #alone #lol
Beküldő: shalyabee 2011. augusztus 2.
One who will indeed, be alone for eternity. Being single forever. One who in fact, does got this. Unlike Carlolz.
She didn't answer my phone call.

I wonder if she likes me, Should I ask her out?
Forever not gonna have this.
#tim #carlolz #forever alone #lol #forever #eternity
Beküldő: Trollololololololololol/ 2011. február 16.
nate savage
Guy1' hey want to go to the movies?
Guy2' no ones ever asked me to the movies before.
Guy1' haha just kidding

Guy2' forever alone
#forever #alone #movies #troll #face
Beküldő: rebecca123456789 2011. augusztus 1.
Forever Alone Guy is the only rage-meme that accurately and eternally represents you. This meme is one of many, many hilarious and inventive variations of rage-comics, created somewhere around April 2010. The stories are usually focused around main character with abnormally swollen face, which expresses loneliness and disappointment with his life (in which he is alone). Some of them also includes wannabe-funny word games with main line, which has nothing to do with actual plot. Next to highly overused RAGE, FA also draws its humor from such phenomenons like Trollface, FUCK YEA or Poker Face, and can be easily replaced by almost any of them.

The creator and copyright owner of this meme is Dominic Vanner.
"He's never had a girlfriend.. he's forever alone"
#forever alone #memes #rage face #4chan #reddit
Beküldő: Daniel burns 2013. október 5.
Being so incompatible with the rest of humanity you will never find anyone willing to date you.
more then 90% of people on the Internet are destined to be forever alone. Including you.
Beküldő: ITSAMOTHERFUCKINGNARWHAL! 2016. április 5.
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