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Defined as a gaseous or sometimes solid emission orgionating and blown from the anus that causes an adverse reaction from anyone in the vicinity. See Fart, or Bust Ass.
"Bobby was flatulent that night and scared away the ladies."
Beküldő: Jeff S 2003. november 9.
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Fart, gas, cheese, break wind, cut, cut cheese, rip, ripped the cheese, let, let one, ripper, skunk bait, fluffer, poofer, false pooper, put-put, poof-poof, brown-dart, blue-dart, chair air, room clearer, angel's whisper, the dog did it, rotten eggs, anal methane.
"I had such bad flatulence, I could not sleep"
Beküldő: Don 2004. augusztus 6.
Euphemism for fart, blowing a binderfender, cutting a tile peeler.
Margie, when you have so much flatulence, I'd appreciate it if you'd stay home.
Beküldő: Tuna Wanda 2005. május 21.
the violent evacuation of intestinal gases
He gave his opinion on handling the war in Afghanistan, suggesting the United States send a squad of Midwestern football fans whose diets consist of cabbage, cheese and beer and let their flatulence cripple everyone in range.
Beküldő: mackhallux 2010. szeptember 6.
The act of emitting noxious gases from one's anus. Also known as farting, blowing one, cutting the cheese, pull my finger, and specialized terms like sbd--silent but deadly and crop dusting, which is when one travels around a room or building, letting off small freeps and generally polluting the area. Flatulence is often accompanied by sports activities like fart flaming, and dutch oven, where one person farts and then shoves the other person's head under the covers. This reprehensible habit is cause for justifiable murder in Alabama. (see Alabama Barking Spider
Rudolph had a lifelong problem with flatulence; well, that isn't QUITE true, his family had the problem. He was blissfully unaware of the angry stares as he crop dusted the office as he strolled off to the water cooler, or his second wife's suit for divorce that included dutch over as grounds of cruelty. It wasn't until he had the bright idea of lighting farts with an acetylene torch that Rudolph got what was coming to him.
Beküldő: Luigi the ORIGINAL 2006. január 25.
Fancy word for fart.
I smell a flatulence.
Beküldő: The neighboor 2012. június 7.
a gaseous substance that explodes out of your sin-hole, it is often known as the 8th Deadly Sin. "Farts" as it is quite often referred to are exceptionally hilarious depending on the situation. it is mostly comprised of methane gas, sulfuric gas, and oxygen, also some other small pecentages of other gases like carbon dioxcide. The expulsion of gas creates a well known sound as we all know. This sound is created by the vibrations of your fat ass. Your ass cheeks vibrato also could expell some kind of liquideous substance, also referred to as "anal seepage" this can be quite disgusting. So if this happens to you...dont be lazy, go change your fucking pants, and wipe up for God's sake.
1) (guy) "Dude!? do you smell that flatulence?"

(friend) "Oh God! yea that was Cooner! holy shit that smells terrible!"

2) flatulence is what really killed the cat.
Beküldő: tristebanana2 2010. június 9.

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