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The first step in a sexual realtionship involving making out or french kissing
"I don't when when that chick is going to give me some action, it's been a month and we're still only on first base!"
Beküldő: Little Blue Patakha 2003. január 16.
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French kissing. Is followed by feeling up second base, oral third base and sex home run
I finally got to first base with matt last night!
Beküldő: alesandra 2005. december 29.
In relationship/sexual terminology, this is the Stage in dating where the couple kisses, or makes out.
It is the First Stage, starting with the first kiss, and leads to repetition to say Goodbye or Goodnight.
It signify's the Beginning of being in love.

This can lead to French Kissing, or kissing of the Tongue.

This is the Beginning of Courtship, or a Physical-Loving Relationship that naturally resolves to advancing sexual stages until 'Home Plate'.
"Jimmy made it to First Base with Kelly today!"
"Congrats to him - Maybe he can find that Gum I left in her mouth last week..."
Beküldő: SMX 2013. február 8.
The French Kiss. Not just a peck on the cheek or lips. You gotta use your tongue.
"How far'd you get with her?" "Only first base, I might lose her if we don't get any farther"
Beküldő: footballstud580 2004. április 3.
Amy and Jack went to First Base at the movies last night.
Beküldő: Alex 2004. február 13.
making out
"i went to first base with this girl"
Beküldő: Dick Hertz 2003. május 21.
when two people are making out
it's been three months and i've only gotten to first base.
Beküldő: G-G 2007. április 9.
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