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Another way of spelling the first name Phoebe, often used to 'spice up' the name.
Hey, Feeby's pretty cool, isn't she?
Beküldő: ahkdjaj 2005. július 25.
(adjective) Relating to or resembling a feeb.
That new guy is so feeby. We should tear his lungs out.
You're such a feeby dweeb.
#feeb #lame #dweeb #adjective #schmuck
Beküldő: TravisTomJay 2006. július 21.
Items and promotions enquired at a fee or subject to certain conditions
She discovered it was feebies instead of freebies.
#items #promotions #enquired #fee #subject
Beküldő: Hercolena Oliver 2008. november 18.
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