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The most amazing person ever. Completly georgous. Highly intellegent. Crazyly crazy. Know how to have fun. Great singer and the best friend anyone could ask for!
You wish you were like Falon.
Beküldő: Alfon 2010. február 24.
Hot fucking chick who gets me into every bar we go to.
Falon can get me into stool pidgeons, just watch.
Beküldő: Rizon Shizook 2003. szeptember 23.
A clever, hilarious, sarcastic, smart,
cute, cool kid.
She has a good sense of humor,
makes awesome YouTube videos,
and is a creative writer.
She also looks like a Cabbage Patch kid.
She's also Paria's best fucking friend forever.
Hey, that kid just totally outsmarted that douchebag.
She's Falon. She's fucking clever, what can I say.
Beküldő: Classicool 2010. február 23.
A girl who likes to fuck.
That girl is a falon.
Beküldő: Mafio 2006. június 5.
A beautiful, erotic, egyprian bellydancer.
That girl is like Falon
Beküldő: arabmuhad 2006. június 5.
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