A tool of society who does whatever theyre told by media such as MTV in order to fit in with the other fags in the world
Brandon, you are such a fag for buying that $400 shitty jacket just because it says Abercrombe and Fitch on the tag.
Beküldő: CanHasHaxx 2009. február 5.
noun, someone who uncritically accepts the ideas and pretensions of a particular social group
art-fag, eco-fag, theo-fag
Beküldő: tom abernathy 2008. február 17.
That kid is such a fag!
Beküldő: SteveTheCookie 2010. június 6.
Someone of English Descent.
"Man, that dude is a FAG!"
"What do you expect, he's british"
Beküldő: buttbuddy101 2009. november 9.
A male person who is too insecure to be a man, and who follows the crowd to become a sissy. Feminism has encouraged men to become fairies, by teaching that masculine behavior is the same as stupid, brutal macho behavior. Since this is what boys learn in public schools, there is no surprise that they choose to become fags.
Charles was a nice boy, but he decided to become a fag.
Beküldő: Tuna Wanda 2005. május 14.
Someone who texts someone, while IMing them on Facebook.
Kelly and Kyle, were texting eachother while IMing on Facebook. They're such fags.
Beküldő: kyleisanoob 2010. december 26.
1. A queer person who likes dick!
Dude, Wayne is such a fag.
Beküldő: sexy turtle 2005. május 23.

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