A person with a large belly that starts at their pubic area. it is a butt, but in the front
that fatty has such a large fut they can only wear sweat pants.
Beküldő: hilarybjacobs 2008. július 22.
Not fit, but not quite fat.
She calls her self fit, but really shes Fut.
Beküldő: HughJorgan 2007. augusztus 11.
Fut, sometimes used as a substitute for fuck.
"Man I sure would like to titty fut that butt!"
Beküldő: Lendus 2004. július 8.
idiot; tool; fool.
wat the hell are you talking about? man, you are such a fut.
Beküldő: kat 2004. február 27.
a hupsi und kutsoy word for fat or could mean mun
you're so fut und mun. i hates yer! i huvs yer really. buuuuueeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa
Beküldő: boo 2004. december 22.
It is a flabby gut. Fat+Gut=Fut
You should work out to get rid of your enormous fut.
Beküldő: Mandy 2004. július 30.
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