Flash Of Gash
-Grundy Had A FOG
#gash #cunt #vagina #queef #flashing
Beküldő: S.Own 2010. február 28.
slang for marijuana smoke or for the marijuana itself.
yo, lets go out and FOG my car...
you got any of that sweet FOG?
#weed #pot #ganja #frodis #dagga #doja #etc.
Beküldő: Charlie Nash 2006. július 14.
FOG is short for Fit Of Giggles, it is used when chatting online or texting. This is an alternative to LOL, because LOL was so 5 years ago. This is used when you are ACTUALLY laughing out loud and cannot stop. It is also more outrageously silly than LOL.
that guy had me in such a FOG
#fog #lol #rotfl #lmao #haha
Beküldő: LaurelFoggyT 2009. szeptember 9.
Abreviation for Fuckable Older Guy. A term used to describe a handsome but older gentleman that although maybe a little saggy still hot enough to do. Simalar to MILF (Mother Id Like to Fuck) but for a man
Damn girl, did you see that FOG that just came in?
Wow, did it just get Foggy in here?
#milf #sugar daddy #foggy #daddy warbucks #big papa
Beküldő: Traci aka T-Funk 2008. január 8.
Stands for "Fuckin Old Guy". You know who they be, outta touch, grumpy old bastards!
DJ: We betta get movin', here comes the FOG to run us off!
Angus: FOG?
DJ: Ya, Fuckin Old Guy. The bitch can't hang, Roger!
#bastard #old school #beatch #authority #dad
Beküldő: eatmecc 2007. február 14.
Abbreviation for Free Online Games.
Hey Jen, know any good FOG?


Oh! I mean Free Online Games!

Oh! here it is!.

#online #games #nerds #gamer #fun
Beküldő: awesomez 2010. július 7.
When a person loans an item to a friend, then proceeds to ask about the return of the item at every meeting, phone conversation and social gathering; even going to the point of asking 3rd parties about the item.
Person #1 - Hey man do you have my machine that i loaned you? I need to get it back right away.

Person #2 - Dude, you gave it to me yesterday, and you already asked me this 13 times today.

Person #3 - Hey dude, Ryan is looking for you, something about a machine he loaned you.

Person #2 - Geez this guy is fogging me from all angles.

(Phone Rings, Person #1 calling)

Person #2 - Hey Ryan, dont Fog me bro, im dropping the machine off now.
#fogged #fogging #annoy #pester #hassle
Beküldő: 2.0 Steve 2009. november 10.
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