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FOF: Frown On Face
The opposite of LOL
-created on the Engadget Popdcast 23/01/11
I'm sad FOF :(
Beküldő: amadeusz55 2011. január 23.
Frown on Face: the negative analogue to LOL (laugh out loud). Thought up on episode 230 of the Engadget Podcast by Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel and Paul Miller.
Throwing chairs at Jon Rubinstein's PR people makes me FOF.
Beküldő: toromaga 2011. január 26.
Abbreviation for Fail of Failcraft
FoF is an MMORPG
Beküldő: Xtreme2252 2009. július 19.
Fifa Over Females. Its like Money over Bitches but just that much better.
Gf: Hey! Can we please go out tonight?
Me: Can't. Been on that F.O.F Grind all day. Can't stop won't stop
Gf: Okay, ill go back to the kitchen then.
Me: F.O.F
Beküldő: newmilleniumsinatra 2011. június 14.
Frown on Face
Dude, Palm just got bought by HP. FOF
Beküldő: funkyp566 2011. január 25.
Friend on Facebook: An e-quaintance with whom you're not very familiar.
Is he a true friend or a fof?
Beküldő: newmanMU 2011. január 21.
Friend of a friend. Like an acquaintance but with a little more familiarity, because odds are you've heard of them and they've heard of you and/or you've seen each other around the same crowds. Not quite a bff or a homeslice yet, because you haven't interacted with them enough to get those bonds yet.
Text1: So who's throwing the party?
Text2: A fof, she seems legit at the parties I've seen her at.
Beküldő: calicat2210 2012. január 11.