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Fratty as Fuck. A phrase describing a bro on all standards. The guy at a party that runs shit. He has the biggest entourage, can outdrink everyone, is wasted as shit, and still gets the finest pieces in the joint, often times two at a time. In summary someone who wherever they role, don't give a fuck because shit either goes their way or they make it so.
Yo how is he leaving with them three sorostitue dime pieces when he was just telling them to fuck themselves?

He FAF bro. that's how.
Beküldő: what-up? 2010. szeptember 19.
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Frat as fuck. The term is bestowed upon a greek's actions whenever such actions exemplify fratitude.
Looking FaF is exemplified by wearing Nantucket Red pants/shorts with a navy blazer and Sperrys, etc...
Beküldő: SigEpEagles 2010. október 31.
fit as fuck
did u c dat lad ova der he is faf
Beküldő: millie 2003. szeptember 25.
Simply an acronym for 'Fit As Fuck'
1: That girl today was FAF!
2: You kidding? She was well ugly!
Beküldő: burnmocina 2008. október 12.
Literally "fine as fuck." Generally used to describe a a person as attractive.
Guy #1: That girl, Alyssa, is so FAF.
Guy #2: I know, right!
Beküldő: Peter W, Mason T of Northgate 2013. június 27.
Fresh as Fuck.
Dude. That shit is FAF. Fresh. As. Fuck.
Beküldő: JSw0le 2012. augusztus 29.
Fit as fuck
Dude, did you see Amy tonight? She was looking FAF
Beküldő: nom8 2013. szeptember 17.

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