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The equivlent to checking someone out, staring and gazing at someone due to phermones. (Violating someone with your eyes)
-(inpired by Wedding Crashers the Movie)
"O my gosh, that guy/girl just eye raped the shit out of you."

"I think I should cover up, I think that person just eye raped me."
#checking-out #eye candy #phermone induced staring #eye scanning #eye admiring
Beküldő: Gin23 2007. március 19.
When someone checks you out for an extended period of time.
Laurie: "Ann Marie, that creepy guy just totally eyeraped you."

Ann Marie: "I'm never wearing a skirt again."
#creepster #check out #eye candy #creeper #hot
Beküldő: Grant Tucker 2008. május 22.
One of the most used expressions in the TH fandom, an eye rape is a stare so intense that you feel like you've been raped by their eyes.

Usually accompanied by a sultry pose or general come-hitherness.
1: Omg, Bill's giving you the eye rape!
2: Wow. That photo is a total eye rape.
3: He's so damn sexy, I don't even mind when he eye rapes me.
#eye-rape #kaulitz #eyerape #eyrape #bmm
Beküldő: OnceUponAKaulitz 2010. január 9.
Imagining raping someone in your mind, while looking at them.
"She is so hot I eye raped her."
Beküldő: Tikal 2005. május 1.
To force someone to see something that they did not want to see.
Person 1 Did you see that Tanya posted a picture of an aborted fetus on facebook!

Person 2 Yeah! I was scrolling down my news feed and bam there it was. She totally eye raped me.
#surprise #pictures #vision #forced #sight
Beküldő: Isaiah Bradley 2013. január 11.
the act of "checking out" a person one finds attractive, but he/she is not looking back as they're NOT WILLING!
OMG Mali did you just eye rape that hot guy? Cuz, he totally WASN'T WILLING!
#eye-rape #checking out #cruising #sexting #flirting
Beküldő: munkeyzzzz 2011. július 5.
An overweight, creepy, or otherwise disgusting person of authority who constantly and consistantly stares at members of the opposite sex- usually coworkers, without any idea of how uncomfortable it makes their victims.
It is very difficult to perform our job correctly while being eyeraped by our boss, who sits behind us.
#synonyms-creepy #oblivious #uneasy #uncomfortable #disturbing. antonyms-gentleman #courteous #respectful #controlled #considerate... related words-staring #looking #gazing #oogling #watching. misspellings--eyerapping #eye-rape #eye rape.
Beküldő: Pumba Rocks 2009. június 18.
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