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Enough - a word to describe a person of the opposite sex as good looking, beautiful or hot. Enough meaning he/she would be enough to suit your needs.
Person 1: "Did you see her, man?"
Person 2: "Yeah man, she was enough."
Person 1: "I know, I wouldn't mind a bit of that."
Person 2: "Nah bro, you can't get her, your face is mash-up."
#hot #enuff #nuff #sexy #fit
Beküldő: ajbabs69 2009. december 30.
The word used when one can not remember the answer to the question at hand. But, this answer is only valid if the answer involved is of numerical valve, and that number is greater than what you can count on your fingers and toes.
Newly Wedds:
Wife - Baby I'm so happy we're finally married.

Husband - Yeah sure. It's Great, isn't it.

Wife - Ok, you know I saved myself for you. It's time for you to be honest with me. Baby, how many women have you had sex with?

Husband - Hmmm, I've?...........enough.
#cheater #sex #marriage #jerk #liar
Beküldő: Frankie Chaos 2008. július 14.
a lot (of); a considerable amount
Jack Osbourne's lost enough weight this year!
#'nuff #enuff #plenty #loads #much
Beküldő: Keisha237623 2005. november 2.
Used to emphasize ones sentance or statement in reference to a number or amount of time.
1) That shit cost enough money!

2) I told that bitch to stay outta my fridge enough times.
#enough #bitch #slick #sex #porn #cleavage
Beküldő: SLiCKster00 2008. november 23.
When one has received a sufficient amount of something (i.e. bullshit) and does not want anymore.
Ana: I do not want to play your lame game because I'm not the type of woman who plays games as I'm too busy keeping it real so back off because I've had enough and I have my own life toooo!
#stop #quit #finish #khalas #basta #halt
Beküldő: Goddess12* 2013. december 19.
When you have reached your limit of someone talking. Used to end their monologue.
Enough!! Shut Up,you are talking way too much!!
#had enough #that's it!! #stop #shut up #i'm finished!!
Beküldő: D.Bax - State Supervisor 2008. december 16.
A word used by Nic Plott to tell you to be quiet. "Jokingly"
Hey lets go have sex, "ENOUGH"

Hey lets go to the river, "ENOUGH"

Hey Nic Wh---- "ENOUGH"
#enough #nic #nicholas #quiet #chandler slang
Beküldő: Joseph Green :) :) 2009. szeptember 20.
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