The plural form of emo. AKA group of (noramally) young whiny kids who are a product of 80's punk and goth REJECTION and created a social movement knows as the rejects.
Dude, look at all the emos crowd around. They look like they're about to cry.
Beküldő: h to the izzle 2004. november 22.
A trendy fashion and hairstyles that rich kids use and THINK their rebeling, just another copier of the punk, also cut theirselves with butterknifes and wear loud colors like purple, punk, neon, and ignore starving kids in Africa for their personal needs, not much DIY just some kids TRYING to stand out, Emos try to hard...
also listen to songs abour relationships and all that and wear skater clothes for example skinny jeans and band shirts chuck shoes latest in fashion..

Most claim they worshop satin and dont believe in God but thier religion is based off events in the bible so makes their so called "religion" untrue and claim those who dont worshop the devil posuers..
emo: dude lets cut ourselves while listening to 3 days grace

emo: I brought the butterknifes!
Beküldő: Veteren_Child 2010. szeptember 8.
A way of behaving, dressing, a style of music; cool.

thick rimmed glasses
tight pants
lots of black
band t-shirts
hair gel

hawthorne heights
from first to last
my chemical romance
fall out boy
the used
dashboard confessional

sits in the dark
"i dont know"
doesn't pay attention
"im so emo i'm gonna go sit in a corner, in the dark and sulk"
Beküldő: iwillfollowyouintothedark 2007. május 26.
Teenagers (primeraly) that are angry at their parents for no apparent reason and like to cry themselves to sleep at night. They listen to a variation of punk music. See also: Screamo
1. Look at the stupid Emos
2. Cheer up Emo
Beküldő: Christobel 2006. február 6.
a kid with long hair does not care what people think about him that wears black
Guy:1 dale is soooo a emo
Beküldő: AmericanPsychoz 2007. december 17.
A cheap rip off of Goths...
emo convo:

emo kid 1: omg i some kid called me stupid! I'm so DEPRESSED!
emo kid 2: i feel you !! the other day some kid called me gay... =
emo kid 1: wanna come over and cut ourselves
emo kid 2: yeahhh and cry and listen to some dashboard confessional
emo kid 1: yeah no one understands uss
emo kid 2: i know, damn no one understands
Beküldő: cadaver lyn 2007. június 3.
To Be A little bitch or fag.
Pussy #1: No one loves me, my world is dark and my myspace screen name is eternal shadows. I love it up the ass.

Pussy#2: I know man. Emo for life my masturbation lover.
Beküldő: Chris "TARZAN" Guerrero 2007. május 23.

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