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some loser kids who think its cool to act like their life is so horrible.And then they cry about it and slit their wrists.And whats even more incredible their is a whole style of dress(tight faggy clothes) that came out of this whole queer ass emotionally charged group of music fans.If you are a man and You like emo you may as well go cry to your mom because no one else wants to here it,
I'm gonna trample that emo fag in the mosh
Beküldő: Benji molinaman 2005. október 11.
People with nightvision. Have a tendancy to use their super power simply for writing bad poetry.
Lisa is an emo, thus she is part of the emos
Beküldő: Para 2005. június 27.
Emotional. Labeled for people who listen to crappy music such as Brand New. They wear thick square black glasses and whine and complain about being so depressed
I'm so emo that sometimes I slap myself until I cry! Then i write a song!
Beküldő: despair 2004. július 22.
a phase teenagers go through who can't find their own identity.
Chick: Dude i thought she was emo
Dude: Nah shes goth now
Beküldő: Rachel Anne 2006. december 23.
v. Used when pwning TPhaggerK, or Jacob.
Jacob: im too cool for you internet people
son of muggo: *emos*
Beküldő: i eat babies 2005. február 12.
whiner that everyone hates.
often mutilates self
has no balls.
small penis
gay hairstyles
listens to gay bands like themselves.
Omar: i am going to beat that emo kid's ass.
Alex: theres no need. see? he has a shotgun in his mouth, the faggot...
Beküldő: Alex St. Clair 2007. március 21.
just another label used by people to look "cool" i guess
emo?<----good enough example
Beküldő: just a person! 2007. március 20.