Emily is a beautiful girl, with adorable brown eyes that shine and captivate! With the cutest smile you've ever seen, one that when looked at you smile yourself! She's a girl that loves and is open minded, that will stick by you when you're down. A girl with a huge heart, who just gets treated unfairly and misunderstood. Who saves others by just being beside them, but when she needs saving few are beside her. She's gorgeous beautiful and out, whoever has an Emily will be the luckiest alive in the whole galaxy. Treat her right love her and she'll love you back. She's nice, caring, sweet, never says any wrong about you. Willing to defend you from anyone. She's full of wierdness, randomness and flaws but still perfect! I love the Emily i have! Oce you have one you never want to lose her and if you do, life won't be the same.. She changes you're miserable life and makes it better.
She has a huge heart, she's an Emily!
I'm so lucky i have an Emily.

Feeling like a billionare cause of my Emily
#beautiful #kind #nice #amazing #lovable
Beküldő: oreo'smilky 2013. március 28.
Emily is the one person in your life that you could never live without. She's like a drug. Every hour, every moment, you want to be with her, and aren't happy until you do so. She is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and when she smiles, all of your fears disappear. You could lose yourself for a lifetime in the brilliant blue of her eyes. Emily is the friend that everyone wishes they had. If you are ever lucky enough to find an Emily of your own, hold on to her, because the pain of losing her is something that can never be described. She is love herself and I love her for it; if only she knew.
Emily: I love you.
#emily #love #happy #forever #friend
Beküldő: shewasalwaystheone 2010. január 8.
Emily's are crazy and wild at times but always know how to make you laugh or smile. People don't understand when the meet an Emily their lives will change dramatically good or bad depending on how you meet her. If you go out with an Emily be happy don't lie to her and just be glad you with someone like her.
Boy:hey um Emily
Emily:hey! whats you name!? we gotta be friends
Boy:(smiles) sure
#dont #ann #dramtically #happy #change
Beküldő: cheeka13 2011. február 13.
1. A person who is be loads of fun

2. A person who trys not to care what others think and is very self-confident.

3. A person who can have fun doing almost ANYTHING.

4. Being a kid at heart.
1. Last night i had so much fun! My friend is such an emily.

2. Wow, i wish i could be an Emily.

3. If i were an EMily, i could have so much fun with this toy.

4. She was such an emily. At 30, she was still playing in the sandbox.
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Beküldő: monster-sox 2009. március 21.
a beautiful woman, she will stay with you all your life if you treat her right. normally artistic, she is shy and only thinks of others. she will put herself down to make others feel good. she is a loyal friend who will listen to you for hours without telling anyone. she hides her deepest feelings and has an ecstatic personality. she may not look it, but she can be hurt easily. she will put everything down to save someone or fight for what she thinks is right. she makes an amazing girlfriend. (brad that means you) she can cut you deep (emotionally) and bring you to your knees if she wants. she has brilliant green eyes that you could look into forever and not notice any time has passed. she is the best person you will ever meet and you'll never ever meet another one like her.
"where were you last night?"
"dude, i was up takling with emily all night."
"lucky butt."
#emily #artistic #lovable #sesitive #beautiful
Beküldő: em+brad 2011. szeptember 22.
An Emily is a girl who makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning. She accepts you as you are, because she doesn't judge. And you accept her as she is, because she's flawless, Her beauty is only a reflection of her lovely heart, one any guy would be lucky to call his.
Terrance: i wanna fall in love with someone

Beth: hey, have you met emily?
#emily #emely #perfect #heart #lucky guy
Beküldő: nnam_ecnarret 2011. november 26.
The most incredible person you will ever meet. She is kind, caring, passionate and absolutely incredible in bed. She makes you feel like the most important person in the world, which is good, because she is the most important person in yours. Emily is...

...the thing is there's just really no way to define Emily. When you know her you understand how amazing she is and you will never want to be without her.
Emily. 'Nuff said.
#love #emily #beautiful #girl #amazing
Beküldő: andrewlovesemily 2009. április 19.
shes the girl that i would like to spend the rest of my life with. shes the girl of my dreams.i love u more each day,more then tomorrow and more then yesterday.5/17/08
i love emily oh so very much.

#emily #girl #baby #love #life
Beküldő: ardoin489 2008. szeptember 16.
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