On the internet - To view a full size image linked from a thumbnail or smaller image.
"Click to embiggen" or "Clicky to embiggen"
Beküldő: Joe 2004. november 23.
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A perfectly cromulent word.
To make bigger, to make larger, to make size increase.
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
Beküldő: Nephthys 2003. november 5.
Verb. To make more admirable or great.
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
Beküldő: Arthur McGowan 2003. május 12.
Pronunciation: im-'big&n


To enlarge. Or, in a metaphorical sense, to empower.
"A noble spirit enbiggens embiggens the smallest man"
- Jebediah Springfield

Edna Krabappel: "Embiggens"? I never heard that word before I came to Springfield.
Miss Hoover: I don't know why. It's a perfectly cromulent word.
Beküldő: AnotherHiggins 2007. szeptember 5.
A perfectly cromulent word.
"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man."
Beküldő: Loverrr 2006. szeptember 17.
adj. generic superliative. could mean anything prositive.
superb throw that embiggens both the player and the viewer.
Beküldő: Sean of the dictionary 2007. november 17.
Maximise a window on your computer
Embiggen that window then you can read the text
Beküldő: Kenh999 2007. április 24.

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