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A quiet town on the edge of the universe with women that nobody wants to date.
She broke up with me again. I might as well live in East Windsor.
Beküldő: symonsez 2003. március 28.
44 20
A tiny, poor town in the middle of nowhere, stuck in time that never changes. The only attraction is the constant violence in Mill Pond and Kingsway on Main Street. With a high pregnancy rate, a failing budget, and unsuccessful sport teams, this town has nothing to offer.
Dude we can never win a game, because we are from East Windsor.

Mom, we have to move away. This town is a total East Windsor.
Beküldő: ylgueruoy 2011. március 4.
22 6
Anytime your phone call is not answered because the recipient doesn't want to talk to you.
That ho was blowing up my cell phone like Baghdad so I East Windsored her!
Beküldő: milfhunter37 2003. március 28.
13 13