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A double down is a kind of cradle in cheerleading. When popping (coming out of a stunt) from the stunt the flyer (person up in the air) spins twice.
Did you see her double down from that scorpian?!
Beküldő: JessicaG123 2006. december 7.
26 61
when a girl is tossing you off and takes two downstrokes without an upstroke in between, often resulting in extreme pain and in worse case scenario a snapped banj!
cindy double downed me last night and my banj hasn't stopped bleeding since.
Beküldő: pd1b 2005. március 8.
14 63
To deuce. To take a poo. As in number 2.
I need to double down so stay away for at least 15-20.
Beküldő: Kris C. 2005. január 25.
10 75