Dork: a whales penis
Shannon sucked alot of dork today
Beküldő: hungry hungry hippo20030 2010. április 14.
A dork actually means goddess
You are a dork
Beküldő: trimedandpolished 2010. január 31.
A whale penis.
Beküldő: Whaleblower96 2009. július 25.
a guy who is made fun of for being himself for a good chunk of his life and is put down by the majority of guys who think they're "cool" until the he gets the hottest girlfriend and makes hella money while the "cool guys" still live with their parents and eat microwaved pizza
I remember that guy Josh was such a dork, cant believe, he's my boss now.
Beküldő: TrueDatAllTeTime 2009. április 5.
A whale's penis
yes klllklkllk
Stop being such a freaking DORK!
She can't help being a whales dick
Beküldő: Romeo.Killed.Juliet 2008. április 14.
(n)Sonny a beautiful intelligent woman. one who has many goals that she will fulfill. who has the soul of a five year old. Hannah Montana's stalker.

not a whales penis

hahahah I love you dork!
Beküldő: Kelsea bacastow 2008. március 5.
Used humorously to describe one's penis.
Man, watching Betty climb out of the hot tub without her top on; my dork sprang to life and bulged right out of my shorts.
Beküldő: Jose_wanntaka 2007. november 26.

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