A word used for many different things from drugs to declaring something. Something that is "bad" or "awsome" used mostly in rap culture for drugs and saying something is cool.
drugs- meth, heroin, pot, and pcp

sayings- Man that ride is dope. That shits dope.
Beküldő: anonymous- 2007. március 25.
Most commonly used to mean Meth (Ice, Crank, Speed etc.)

People outside of the drug scene might refer to heroin, or marijuana as dope.
"Dude I was smokin' dope all last night, I won't be sleeping or eating till thursday."
Beküldő: Buddy Christ 2007. január 22.
A band that remixes 80's songs
Dope says "Now or Never"
Beküldő: Josh 2004. április 26.
noun. a youth who sells dope, usually crack or powder cocaine or heroin
"Be careful walking down 13th Street, cuz the dopeboys hug the block there something fierce."
Beküldő: wisegod 2005. október 5.
An illicit drug, especially marijuana
The cops found the dope I had hidden under my nuts
Beküldő: blahblah 2004. március 16.
Any drug that you don't respect.
Square (In refrence to Pot): "Gee, golly! Don't you know they call it 'Dope' for a reason?"

Pot-head (In refrence to Coke): "Hey man, I ain't never ganna touch no Dope"

Coke-Head (In refrence to Heroin): "Man, that moron Jimmy is dippin' into that Dope again"
Beküldő: Captain Hash 2006. augusztus 25.
another word for maurjauna or drugs.
"yo bro u got any dope?"
Beküldő: lLeWeLlyN 2004. szeptember 1.
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