(adj.) pleasing to a large extent
fool, that artwork's dope!
Beküldő: Awesomeus Prime 2009. október 8.
a type of drug.
an addiction.

something really good, you can't get enough of it.
Kelly is so dope.
I need my Kelly fix.
Beküldő: gregoryaggressionv2 2009. július 10.
Back in the 50's and 60's, dope meant "news" or "gossip"
For instance, if you wanted to know what was going on, you'd say:

What's the dope?
Beküldő: Jeremy Pedersen 2005. május 3.
- andii & anita are the dopest people ever :)
unknown 1 - oh damn those 2 guys are so andii & anita !
Beküldő: nitaaaachanthalangy 2010. március 5.
Generic word for drugs of all kinds. The term comes from butyrate dope, which is a modeller's form of aircraft dope, or plasticised lacquer, which inhaled could cause altered states, as in huffing glue. Any model rocket builder who has painted with butyrate dope knows how strong its fumes are, even from a small can.
Man, that dope is mellow.
Beküldő: urbanzson 2009. augusztus 21.
to suffer from an impaired reaction time
strobe dancing is dope!
Beküldő: Mr. Kilroy 2008. szeptember 25.
What I Am And What Your Not
Kasey: Hi Im Kasey And Im Heck Of Dope
You: ok
Beküldő: Kasey Fiiona 2008. szeptember 1.

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