To injure yourself playing a non-sport
dude I pulled a don playing fussball
Beküldő: grixti 2007. október 28.
slang for Dumb Old Nigga
DON is the father of DAN (Dumb Ass Nigga)
Beküldő: slicksal 2006. június 24.
latin for jackass see don spiers
dude chill out your bein a freakin don
Beküldő: Lars Ulrich 2004. február 5.
Another word for "toilet."
"I've had too much coffee today. I'm going to the Don."
Beküldő: 'Nator 2009. május 28.
A guy who thinks he is all that like the leader, or the coolest guy in the world. Thinks girls like him when they actually think he is repolsive and a pervert.

Leader of a mini mafia, which is made up of one person who is himself.

Don - "I totally like jerked off to your girlfriends face"
Other Person - "Yea... thats sort of gay"
Don - "N-No its not!
Other Person - Yea it is.
Don - "Hey check out my muscles they're so big."
Other Person - (Punches Don in the face and walks away) Deuch.
Don - "At least I still got picks on my phone." (Phone breaks and Don cries)
Beküldő: Space'n Out 2009. március 10.
an east bay badass
daaaamn, don's in oakland again.
Beküldő: max 2003. október 24.
A sarcastic, slang acronym used as a code word to define Dumb Old Nigga. This code word is used by white honkeys to describe the father of a DAN without having to worry about offending anyone or getting their ass kicked
The DON is the father of the DAN
Beküldő: slicksal 2006. október 15.

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