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1. (noun) The wealthy suburban town between Exits 50 and 51 on the Long Island Expressway known for its "elitist" behavior and makes its reputation as home to overachievers and perfectionists.

2. (adj.) Describes the manner in which a large majority of the Dix Hillians act/dress, such as saying "like" in every sentence without deliberately forming a simile or owning a customized Lexus SC 430
1. (noun) Dix Hills is the place to be.

2. (adj.) When you leave for college, don't be so Dix Hills; you're going out into the real world so become less dependent and earn your keep.
Beküldő: DIXHILLIAN 2006. április 19.
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1)A town where most kids attend schools in the Half Hollow School district. Which is one of the top rated School districts in NY state.
2)A town where most kids live in million dollar homes and are spoiled like there is no tomorrow =]
3)Where most kids wear uggs, abercrombie, hollister, solow, juicy coutre and such...
Kid 1: "Omg you live in Dix Hills, my camp friend lives there!!!!"
Kid 2: "Yah, its like really cool."
Beküldő: DoDo456 2006. szeptember 25.
Where I live, thanks

There are ugly houses, yes; spoiled brats, yes; yet there are a bunch of cool kids I know who happen to not have a whole lot of money, and even if they do, they don't flaunt it.
When we moved to Dix Hills I expected everyone to be a bitch, but they were pretty aiight
Beküldő: lauren 2006. június 16.
a land where the dicks are plentiful, the hills are all silicon and everyone goes down the real ones in burberry or prada sleds waxed to perfection with their daddy's money.
o you're from dix hills?...why don't you have the accent?
Beküldő: vashkosh 2005. február 20.
Not a bad place to live.
Most likely you have a good deal of money if you like in Dix Hills
Lots of Guido
Prodominatly Jewish or Catholic
Few "real" people
If you are "real" you are probley not "popular"
Lots of drinking and people from the age of 14-17 going to Ice... {mostly Guidos}
If your are wigger, nigga, G, Homie you are in good company
Plenty of the above
once again see guido
If you skate you are also in good company
There is alot of skaters in Dix Hills
About 10 that are any good
If you are scene or listen to emo music or panic at the disco
you are in good company because there are deffinatly alot of pussys
If you listen to hardcore music or post hardcore music there are a few
this is a good group
expectialy xJoexWatersx
Basicaly a clicky place with nice front yards.
"You live in Dix Hills"

"nice front yard"
"yeah, my dad is a lawyer"

"im a pussy"
"Whats that like"

"BF kicks ass yo"
Beküldő: BfuckingF 2006. szeptember 17.
Ugly houses built on over-priced property right next to the Long Island Expressway
I can't beleive I saved all these years to buy a shit house in Dix Hills next to the highway.
Beküldő: aqueoustrans 2005. január 2.

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