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Porta Potty, place you dispose of wastes, and bodily fluids.
Don't piss on public property, the Decker is over there..
Beküldő: Seven eleven 24 seven 2006. december 7.
One whom thinks he works too hard, and is foolish enough to believe he is worth more than he works for.
Mam, i am such a decker. Suck my decker.
Beküldő: RyanCanada 2006. augusztus 14.
A guess passed off as a fact.

"A Decker"
"Yo dude how many people live in Japan?"

"Oh its 1.5 billion"

"Is that a fact or a Decker?"

~Google How Many people live in Japan~

"Its 126 million..."
Beküldő: deckerword 2013. december 2.
A fat short slob who likes to eat dick. who looks like a girl has man boobs and eats dick all day.
the fat decker
Beküldő: PedroGA 2010. november 15.