To be cool, in the crowd, happening people. Preferably to possess the name, Holly or Kara!
Oh Holly your looking mightily dag today!
Kara that new hairstyle really boosted your dag style!
Beküldő: HitlerRings 2007. április 26.
verb: to cum in your pants after only being aroused by something that is slightly sexual.
noun: sperm or seman in a persons pants.
adj: something that is awesome or really cool, if something is the dag.
Person 1: Did you hear about the guy he just dagged!!

Person 2: Yeah, I heard the girl bearly even did anything
Beküldő: peggy pegleg 2010. október 27.
dutch for goodbye or hello.
Beküldő: thecheesegodess 2003. augusztus 23.
A term of many uses, it can be used for anger, humor, or to say, something is sweet :)
Dag! (s)he's HOT!, Dag yo, thats messed up, Dag!

Beküldő: VAKI5 2003. augusztus 18.
Synonym to dog. The word was created by a failure named Brittney D.
Boy - Hey, you have a cool dag!
Boy #2 - Thanks! You have a cool dag as well!
Beküldő: djpabz 2010. december 31.
Cheap weed
Dude my buddy sold me some dag for 10 bucks
Beküldő: heenanalpha 2009. június 27.
An exaggerated way of saying "dog", usually said in a mid to high pitch voice which eventually goes throughout the entire sentence.
Hey what's up dag?

Oh shit dag! That was insane!
Beküldő: MadScientist69 2009. február 13.
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