your mam
your mom
Beküldő: DaMan 2003. augusztus 8.
A fucking idiot who's gonna get his fucking ass whopped some day.
DAMan is a fucking fag ass and a supporter of terrorism.
Beküldő: a very smart person who hates losers 2003. november 1.
refering to a person of great magnatidue. also referring to a boy named corey
Corey really and truly is a daman
Beküldő: Corey 2003. október 17.
A wothless retard.
Fuck DaMan. It won't be long until the government finds who he is and arrests him for being afiliated with Al Qaeda.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. szeptember 20.
Someone who has a really small penis; often tries to compensate by stuffing his pants.
Did you see his pants? He's totally a Damen!
Beküldő: Archevious 2012. február 9.
Yours truly!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 31.
Colloquialism of the words, "The man", usually taken to mean someone completely and utterly awesome; a dominant, alpha - male personality, who owns every room he or she walks in to.
Dwayne Johnson is DAMAN.
Beküldő: SB420 2014. október 15.

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