Down To Smang. A man/woman is willing to have sex with you.

Derived from Yung Humma's "Lemme Smang It"
Yeah, she's trying to act all cute because we're at work, but put one drink in her and she's DTS.
Beküldő: Cassius123 2011. május 23.
Down To Shift
here that one over there, she is totally DTS
Beküldő: ibizaslang 2011. május 7.
doing the sex
Devon and Ryan are dts right now.
Beküldő: ultimate_fish 2010. október 16.
Down To Save
"Are you DTS? Down to save!!! (using coupons, of course!)" -Nicole Butler, TLC's Extreme Couponing
Beküldő: Thegirlinthecouponscarf 2012. április 7.
down to scrap
Nigga 1: you dts bro?
Nigga 2: ye lets reach
Beküldő: Joethagod 2011. augusztus 14.
Dont talk shit - invented by M.C
Faggot: Im getting a Ferrari for my 16th birthday
Beküldő: Majestic Mike 2011. április 13.
Term used by acronym using bisexuals and/or lesbians who are interested in another female, meaning :"Down to Scissor."

Not unlike the term D.T.F. which means, "Down to Fuck."
I'm so fly, I've got all the bitches D.T.S.
Beküldő: BreeRabbit 2010. október 3.

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