1. Down to fuck.
2. Dedicated to fans.
2. Harry Styles is dedicated to fans...
1. That's great but when ever I see him, I'll be dtf.
Beküldő: harrystylesfuckmenow 2012. szeptember 13.
Down to fuck
Madeleine Chesney has been dtf since she was 11.
Beküldő: kaylaatcher 2009. december 9.
Down To Fuck; up for fucking
Those girls the other night were so DTF. Yeah dude, that was freakin awesome!
Beküldő: Elizabeth dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, 2008. május 20.
Down to frisbee.
Chad: Hey bro, it's hella nice outside today. You DTF.
Chaz: I'm down.
Beküldő: Ihadleyknewher 2015. március 11.
Down to fxxk
Are you DTF?
Beküldő: BornForGreatThings 2013. december 29.
A fun way to state you are willing to do something enjoyable. Stands for 'down to fun.'
Oh man, I'm not sure if I want to play Go Fish... you know what, let's do it, I'm DTF.
Beküldő: Biscuitforce 2015. június 1.
"Down To Fuck"
"After I saw him without a shirt, I was dtf."
Beküldő: Katiebabey 2008. május 31.

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