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Do It Yourself
Anything made by a person, rather than a product coming manufactured from a company complete.
Beküldő: TessekTheQuarren 2003. december 9.
Job done by one man using one tool and a bag of nuts.
"I didn't get off with anyone tonight, so I suppose I'll go back to mine for some DIY over the internet.
Beküldő: 2003. október 5.
Do it yourself. usually in reference to underground local stuff.
The diy show we went to yesterday owned
Beküldő: tovarichi 2005. június 4.
Do It Yourself.
"Do it yourself." -Madball
Beküldő: Marco 2003. november 5.
When one feels the need to excrete in a humerous manner.
John: Well, im gunna go carve that stool.
Paul:I didn't know you could carve furniture...are you into D.I.Y?
Beküldő: Jagonxero1 2009. november 6.
diy (do it yourself) is cool. no more buying shit you can make yourself.
scene kids and emo kids must crawl into a hole. quit buying pre ripped pants!
Beküldő: oifoundedoi 2005. augusztus 12.
Short for "Do It Yourself", which is a phrase used when a person makes something themself rather than buying it pre-assembled. Often diyers try to do it themselves in an attempt to save money. Many an idiot as made the mistake of trying DIY only to have wasted time and money with no satisfying end result.
Oh no! Dad's going to try to fix the car DIY. Remember the last time he did that? Take cover!
Beküldő: larry says hi 2005. október 15.

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