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Daily Afternoon Randomness
Thank you for my DAR!
Beküldő: picomas 2011. március 24.
Dry Anal Rape - When you fuck a chick (or guy) in the ass without any lubricant.
I was a victim of violent DAR by Michael.
Beküldő: Sweet Willy Now!!! 2005. április 18.
As a male, the ability to spot, lure and fornicate with a female that is at a high level of intoxication. The ability against all odds to find an opening for advancement.
Jessie that was some serious Dar!!
Beküldő: Jeremiah Shelly 2008. január 17.
DAR; the acronym for Dope Ass Rager.
1. OMG Emma, i had sew much fun at your DAR on the weekend!

2. Bring your cocaine to my DAR, its going to be a good time!
Beküldő: Emmzbbg 2011. november 16.
An exclamation of fail used between one invidual to another.
Suki: *Insert fat joke to BIG AMZZZZ here*
*silence among friends*
Suki: Dar! I failed! *facepalm*
Beküldő: Nine Thou-ZAAAAAAND 2009. szeptember 29.
Dumb As Rocks, being really really dumb
That greg is Dar
Beküldő: drstreetd 2012. február 10.
1.) A description or exclamation of an event or action that makes the person look, or seem retarded.

2.) What a retard says
The Bil Cooper says, "Dar!"

"Did you hear what Billy Cooper did? He spelled, "REPILCA" instead of "REPLICA" what a Dar.
Beküldő: Ckin Drabbuh 2011. április 4.
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