When something is really bad or gross. It's short for crummy.
This place is so crums there's worms coming out of the walls.
#gross #disgusting #crummy #spew #dirty
Beküldő: Tolands 2011. július 3.
Merman/mermaid semen/cum/ejaculation
"But King Trident, I don't want to swallow your crum!"
#mermaid #merman #semen #cum #ejaculation
Beküldő: Eeeeeyow 2009. január 10.
(noun). one who is crummy, trashy, dirty, old, etc. often characteristic of the Los Angeles rock scene.
"Get a load of these L.A. crums! God they totally suck!"
#crummy #la #crums #trashy #loser
Beküldő: Linzzz 2008. március 18.
verb, noun, adjective or any "fill in the blank" word to describe anything at any given time.
"omg you can be so crums sometimes!"
#crums #taylor #paige #ayla #meow.
Beküldő: professor crums 2008. szeptember 26.
Taking a dump on someone's chest.
Instead of the cleveland steamer, he gave her a crum shot.
Beküldő: mack 2004. január 18.
The process of chopping of your wang and eating it with fried rice.
Hay rhys you dick you crummed(the pasted tense)your self.
Beküldő: Hooza_snoza 2003. június 17.
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