An old fart. Originating from old people's arms looking like fried chicken or 'crinkle fries.'
Could they drive any slower? Damn crinks!
#crink #krink #crinkle #fry #fries #fried #chicken #potato #head #old #people #person #elder #elderly #fart
Beküldő: SitrYs 2013. szeptember 16.
Top Definition
The upper terminus of the crack where the two halves of the buttocks meet forming a reservoir for diluted fecal matter. The opposite of the taint.
My crink reeked of week-old poop, since I hadn't showered in 5 days.

Since my bowels were not going to move anytime soon, I scraped out my crink with my finger for the stool sample.
#crack #krink #upper taint #spoon #crinc
Beküldő: frkflg 2010. január 12.
to consume alcoholic beverages at one's place of employment while working.
"Why is Dave so chill?"
"Oh, he's been crinking."
#drink #work #job #alcohol #crunk
Beküldő: jacen kemp 2007. december 14.
To be crying and drunk at the same time.
"I don't know why I was so crink last night, pretty sure it was the wine I drank and because my girlfriend just dumped me."

"I hate my life, lets get crink."
#crying #drunk #wine #alcohol #sobbing
Beküldő: Camille_cash 2010. március 13.
1. to only come out of your house for a small amount of time, only to retreat quickly
2. to sneak around,much like a small creepy troll.
1. I know its Friday night, but I'm really tired,so I'm just trying to crink it tonight.
2. That guy was so creepy! He was crinking around all night.
#creepy #troll-like #lame #pot-head #sneaky
Beküldő: kfair 2011. január 21.
a person who posess an abundance of enthusiasm and a questioable intelligence, whose company often results in amusing consequences. usually likable and friendly crinks can also be unpredictable. those whose actions and opinions (rarely malicious) are often carried out under misguided preconceptions. common term in north west. possibly originating as a compound of the words crank and chwink-(welsh slang term)
a crink would express opinions or undertake actions inappropriate to a given situation. occiasionally causing offence (without intent) to individuals unfamiliar with their personality. frequently providing entertainment and joviality to those who are acquainted with their idiosyncrasies.
#similar to 'crank' #and 'chwink' #not to be confused with 'crunk' #common misspellings/abborations- 'krink' #'grink
Beküldő: Dayv _B 2007. június 3.
A person with a crinkled face. Usually drunk and falling off bar stools.
A miserable wife.
John worked late so he did not have to go home to his crink.
Crink is the reason he had a girlfriend.
#hag #bitch #nag #boozer #golfer
Beküldő: Bagodonuts 2007. november 30.
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