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No one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It gets people going.
That shit Cray
Beküldő: JJ1020 2011. december 18.
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Another word for crazy. An abbreviation that you can use to describe a crazy person.
That one cray bitch.

She be cray.

Why are you acting so cray?
Beküldő: plur 2013. szeptember 17.
Abbreviation of crazy

Used on an amazing TV show
That girl is cray-cray!
Beküldő: Unicorn926 2013. október 21.
a white girls term for crazy
Oh my god that is so cray!
Beküldő: Hails69 2015. április 7.
The last name of 80's blues singer, Robert Cray. He has won five Grammys over the course of his career.
Catherine: Hey bro, have you heard the new Robert Cray album?
Walter: Yeah, it's cray. Cray like Robert.
Beküldő: Slate Blues 2013. február 19.
lobster (crayfish)
Mom: Wow dad is so cray!
Dad: Are you saying i'm a lobster?!?!
Beküldő: momdaddadmom 2012. május 27.
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